Customer Testimonials

“I liked how they communicated with me and kept me in touch. They let me know how things were progressing, when things would be here, and what to expect. Provided me with exceptional service, I have referred 2-3 people.”
Rod V  | Roofing & Gutters Storm Damage Repair

“I just wanted to thank you and your crews for helping me with my roof replacement project earlier this year. Even though I thought I had some amount of knowledge about roof repair, I tried multiple times to “take the easy route”, and tried to repair it myself. I later had a friend who does roof repair on the side, also make an attempt. Needless to say, I suffered more interior damage, and almost more importantly, endured quite a bit of second guessing (nagging) from my spouse. Finally someone refereed me to you.    

“Within a very short timeframe, one of your estimators came out to verify what my issues were. Right away I knew I was in good hands. Aaron did an inspection and confirmed what I already knew but was trying to avoid. I was very impressed with his knowledge and overall understanding of what was causing my problem. When we looked at the limited options, I agreed that I really needed a complete replacement due to water infiltration to my roof decking. At this point I had already received one quote from an alternate contractor, and was bracing myself for this new estimate.    o my surprise, the new estimate came in quite a bit lower than expected. I was also pleased that the work was scheduled very quickly.

“When the replacement was scheduled, I was not able to adjust my schedule to be there for most of the installation. The crew also came across some unexpected issues when the existing roof membrane was removed. By description, these were real headaches to me.

“This was the time I realized the value of an experienced roof contractor. They already had the repair options lined up, and with a simple phone authorization, they were able to keep the project going to meet the original timeline. When I returned, I could hardly tell that anything happened, except I had a distinctively new looking roof. I never noticed how bad the old one really looked. I also did not see a thing out of place in my yard, and still don’t know how they could have moved all of the material in/out without leaving as much as a nail in the grass??????

“I also knew that they had done quite a bit of work that was not listed in the original scope, but was really surprised that the related costs were minimal, especially when they corrected the design problem that had caused my initial leaks, and I was still well below the original bid I had received from my local roof replacement company. Why didn’t I call you sooner?

“Thanks again.”

Tim | Hudson, WI

“They did a good job throughout the entire project. I enjoyed everyone that I worked with during the project.”
Anne B | Roofing & Gutters Storm Damage Repair

“I’ve worked with Joe Sandvik for over a decade, for both my business and personal properties. I trust him implicitly with the design and high quality of his company’s workmanship, and with his integrity and fair pricing. On one of my last projects, my roof was a mess, after you restored it, it’s perfect.”
Mark | Minnetonka

“The roofing itself is just awesome. I think the salesman was wonderful to work with.”
Becky F | Roofing & Gutters Storm Damage Repair

“You just completed our roofing and siding project. It all started back in Late June and Aaron helped us submit a claim with our insurance company. Aaron met our adjuster out at the home in Inver Grove Heights and even got up on the roof with the adjuster, pointing out issues with both our siding and our roof. After about 15 days we we got a letter that we were approved for a new roof and siding. Aaron and the roofing & siding crew were always on time and responded to us quickly. There were many issues that they helped us through. Thanks guys, if you ever need a reference have them call my cell.”
Joe | Inver Grove Heights

“I was satisfied with everything and I have been referring your company to my neighbors and other people I know. They did a tremendous job, and the salesperson went out of his way to help us.”
Clara and Pat L. | Roofing Project

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